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Dante, Ignatius, Inner Movements and You!

This year, 2021, marks the 700th Anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, author of one of the world's great works of art, The Divine Comedy. It is a poetic account of his journey from the darkness of his personal lostness to the eternal light of the Divine Radiance.

This year also marks the 500th Anniversary of the conversion of St. Ignatius Loyola from his worldly ways and ambitions to dedicated service to the ways of the Kingdom of God, and writing of his work of art, The Spiritual Exercises. 

In this day of prayer we will look and listen to these masters for guidance on our own journeys to the light and our own spiritual exercises and efforts. We hope you will join us!

Date: Saturday, October 9th

Time: 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.

Attend In-person or Virtually

Retreat Facilitator:  Fr. Dan Krettek

Retreatants attending virtually are encouraged to create a quiet, sacred space in their homes for this retreat. Also, retreatants are invited to have their journals available for times of reflection.

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About Our Retreat Facilitator




Fr. Dan Krettek 


Emmaus House Co-Director

Pre-registration is required and non-refundable for this event. Simply click the "Pay Now" button, and follow the steps to register online and reserve your seat. A third-party company handles our registrations so that we don't overbook events.  If registering online poses an obstacle to you, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.  Thank you!

Register for this Retreat

Emmaus House relies upon the revenue from events, such as this retreat, to help sustain its ministry. The suggested offering for this event is $35. To reserve your seat, please click the button below to register. 

If you are unable to afford the $35 registration cost at this time, we still want you to join us! Scholarships are available. Please contact us for additional information.

If you would like to partner with Emmaus House in its commitment to offer its services & events to those unable to afford the cost, we invite you to make a donation to our ongoing ministry & operations fund. We deeply appreciate your generosity!

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