Fishing Within

September 4, 2014

Today’s Gospel tells the story of Jesus’ call to Peter and the “Sons of Thunder”—James and John. These ordinary folks, who were living ordinary lives, experienced an extraordinary, heart stopping, life-changing moment in the midst of all things “ordinary”.*


After a long night of fruitless fishing Jesus enters their boat, uses it to preach from, then turns to the guys and directs them to, “Put out into the deep and lower your nets for a catch.” Though counterintuitive to their experience and knowledge of their craft, they listened and followed Jesus’ instruction. We all know the “rest of the story” of the big catch.


I suspect that from the very moment that Jesus commandeered their boat, he also activated their hearts. These guys had to have been physically tired, had an agenda to complete before they could call it a “day”, yet Peter, James and John responded, not out of their intellect and reasoning, but out of their heart. As Jesus stirred the physical waters of the lake to bring forth fish for their nets, his invitation stirred the waters deep within their heart so that they might leave those same nets in order to be “fishers of men”.


Just as with the call to these fisherman, there is great power in God’s calling, appealing, stirring within our own heart. What about today? What “waters” might God be stirring deep within us? Might God be challenging us today to notice what is stirring in our heart—to listen to our heart, especially when it seems to override our intellect/mind?

“Don’t be afraid…and they left everything to follow him.” They paid attention to, and followed, their heart.


*Luke 5:1-11

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