"Lord, Teach Us To Pray"

May 12, 2016


In the words of Robert Heaney, Creighton University Professor Emeritus, “Jesus gave us basically only two prayers”.  Professor Heaney continues as he reminds us that those two prayers are the Our Father (asking God to establish God’s kingdom now) and Jesus’ prayer to the Father.*


If you are reading this Blog, chances are that you are a pray-er; that over the years you have established your own unique way that best allows you to communicate with God. Or Not. 


It may sound odd, but despite the fact that we want, even desire to talk with God, we often set prayer aside because we feel guilty that we have not prayed! To look at this in the ordinariness of life, if I promised to call you yesterday and didn’t—forgot, got busy, distracted, etc, and then saw you this afternoon at Wal Mart, chances are that I might duck into a different aisle to avoid having to confront you. My guilt directed my action, and quite possibly led to more avoidance, to more guilt…


We sometimes forget that Prayer is actually an INVITATION. We would not even think of praying if God had not placed that very thought within us. Our desire to be with, to communicate with God is the result of God’s desire for us. As the Catholic Catechism states: “Prayer is…[our]response of love to the thirst of the only Son of God.” (CCC2561) God thirsts for us—which causes us to thirst for God.


Are you thirsty? Would you like an opportunity to learn more about prayer and /or go deeper in your prayer life? If so, you might want to join us this summer as we ease into prayer, using the book Armchair Mystic by Mark Thibodeaux, SJ.


This 5-Week prayer experience incorporates many forms of prayer, meditation and reflection that takes us though stages of maturing in prayer as we participate in daily exercises and reflections that provide us with opportunities to grow deeper in our relationship with God.


Participants commit to daily personal prayer and then meet as a group on Wednesdays, June 15th to July 13th. One can chooose to join either the morning group that meets from 10 to 11:30 or the evening group that meets from 6 to 7:30. Cost: $40, which includes all materials. 


TO REGISTER: Register ONLINE at www.theemmaushouse.org and click on Upcoming Events. Registration is limited to ten in each group. For more information please call Cindy Shaw at 515-282-4839.


*Creighton University Daily Reflection here

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