Letting Go and Decreasing...

January 3, 2017

John the Baptist saw Jesus coming toward him and said,"Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.He is the one of whom I said, 'A man is coming after me who ranks ahead of me because he existed before me.'


WOW! John, who has spent his adult life preparing the folks for what is to come--for Who is to come--observes his cousin coming toward him and suddenly sees him in a new light. Here is the Messiah of whom he's been preaching! And what does he do? After one last great proclamation--"Here He is!" John immediately fades to the background and ushers Jesus to to the forefront. A few chapters later John reminds folks that "[John] must decrease so that [Jesus ] might increase."(Jn 3:30)


What amazing humility, what tremendous faith it took for him to know and accept that it was time for him to move from the foreground and into the background in order that God might best be able to unfold the great Mystery of God's Love for us. 


It's not easy to “decrease”;matter of fact, it's totally countercultural in our Western world. We’re primed to work hard and move forward, to climb the ladder and win the prize-become recognized, make a name for ourself and maybe even “famous”. Yet, here’s John, realizing and recognizing that there is one greater than he and it’s time to step aside. 


What about us? Is there an area in our lives that God might be inviting us to let go of the reigns; to humbly move to the side or background—on a project? an opinion? an office or level of responsibility?


Why would God even care, even desire for this letting go? I must decrease SO THAT God may INCREASE God’s life in me. 


Have a Blessed Day.

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