I have a niece who absolutely loves the winter.  We are usually on the same page.  But in this regard, she and I are in 2 different worlds.  I mean all that grey and brown and black and face biting cold.  It is enough to make me run screaming into the night.  So, this year I was pondering how yet again to face more greyness.  Not especially easy, this year in particular.  Then it came to me:  How counter cultural hope truly is.  I wanted to find a way in my own life to honor Pope Francis’ request that we strengthen our relationship with the earth and one another.  I also thought to pass this along because hope works. 


Some are very despondent now either due to the actual weather, or the political climate, or their own personal lives.  It is just hard sometimes.  And sometimes those times last for a while. 


I do believe the only real HOPE we have comes from the seed God has placed in each of our individual hearts.  If we just do one seemingly small thing to nourish that seed, just think of the investment we have made towards the garden/ the future He has in mind for us. 


It is winter.  This is the era of “grass root” activity.  And since I started doing this, I have found seeds percolating all over!  Take the time to stop find the seed tucked deep away, and honor it with the Life God has intended for each one of us individually, and our family as a whole. Then, if you think about it, pass it along. 







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