Godly Responses to Ungodly Situations

May 23, 2017


Emmaus House Spirituality Center is pleased to offer Godly Responses to Ungodly Situations!  


As all of you know, we live in a world that often feels chaotic, hurtful, and dark. Despite the fact that God created everything good, there are situations and people in our lives that don't always feel like gifts from God. There is sufficient suffering. Despite how difficult and painful life can sometimes be, we are invited to respond in gentleness, peace, and love. This presentation explores the roots of suffering and offers practical techniques to responding to ungodly situations in a Christ-like way! ~Tom Elliott


During this presentation, Tom Elliott, author and Spiritual Director, will explain the role of suffering within Christianity, the five most common sources of suffering in life, and four specific ways to respond to the ungodly and painful situations we experience in life.


The presentation will be on Sunday July 16 from 1pm to 2:30pm at Emmaus House, 1521 Center Street, Des Moines, and only costs $10! You can register and reserve your seat by clicking here and signing up under the Sunday Afternoon Session.


You can know more about Tom Elliott by clicking on his website.

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