Just An Ordinary Day...

August 28, 2017


This morning as I lay in bed, bemoaning that this was Monday, and not a Saturday or Sunday—an ordinary “work” day that didn’t hold the promise of extra rest or enjoyment, I was suddenly struck by a thought—actually a brief second as though a curtain was pulled back and I could see beyond. What I “saw” was the fullness of today. Not busyness or a calendar that was filled past the brim with appointments and commitments, but a vastness, filled with promise of the infinite.    


Imagine every “best” day of your life, every best joy-filled experience, every best vacation experience, every best holiday, every best adventure, every best scenery—sunrise and sunset, ocean and river, mountain and valley, every best love, every best rest, every best accomplishment, every best family time, every best… Even now, maybe spend a few moments taking this in, allowing this potential to expand within you. 


This is what I “saw”—this is what God is offering to us today—offering to us this ordinary Monday morning in late August. What if this day is full beyond the brim with all the best of the best!


This time last week many of us donned special glasses so that we might look directly at the sun and witness the miracle of the eclipse; we gazed through a special filter in order to see beyond our natural ability to see.  


St. Augustine, whose feast we celebrate today, once said, "Faith is to believe what you do not yet see, and the reward for this faith is to see what you do not yet believe.” Each ordinary moment of our lives is filled with the extraordinary fullness of God, and we have access to, can enter into, this completeness of God if only we become aware of the faith “glasses”, faith tools, which are already present in the depths of our being.  


We will see what we believe if we believe what we do not see. What might I be invited to see today that goes beyond my understanding of the ordinary?  

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