From the Heart of Betty

September 20, 2017

Bloom Where You are Planted


First Installment



I have a friend named Betty who is a resident at Bishop Drum Retirement Home in Johnston, IA. Betty is a beautiful woman who struggles daily with the ravages of MS (multiple sclerosis) and is bodily confined to her wheelchair. I say bodily, because her mind and spirit are certainly not confined! Recently Betty shared some beautiful insights on what it means to find the gift of God in the midst of life not turning out like she expected, experiencing God’s gifts even when having to leave her home and treasures and enter a nursing home. Noticing God’s presence and the gift even while having to be totally dependent on others. Realizing how the gift of God transforms suffering. Betty has generously allowed me to share some of her realizations and ponderings with you through this Blog. I am offering it here in two installments. Thank you Betty for the gift of you.


Did you see the Eclipse? Many people did and felt great awe. I felt that God was sending a message to us. We live in a darkened world. When the moon covered the sun there was total darkness. I [realized] that this is how life would be if we didn’t have God. During the eclipse, when light was restored only a few minutes after darkness totally blocked the sun, it reminded me of Jesus’ Resurrection; of how God wants all of us to know that there is “light at the end of the tunnel”! We are a people who are always wanting a “sign”—this is our sign! Darkness and evil may prevail in our world, but God is real and He is in control! My life quote to leave with the wold is “Bloom Where You are Planted”. This means so much to me because not only does it fit well with me living in a nursing home, where most people never want to be, but for all people, wherever they may be. I’m building heavenly treasures nowadays. My first challenge with the Lord was to learn the truth about not looking back, but focusing on what lies ahead. The truth I learned was how useless it was to dwell on the past which I can’t change, but to put my energy into where I can make a change. Bloom where you are planted!











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