From the Heart of Betty

September 22, 2017

Bloom Where You Are Planted*


Second Installment


I continue to meet new people. I’ve been given wonderful opportunities to take part in and jump on these opportunities to help fill my hunger for God. I have grown spiritually so much in the last three years—it even surprises me! Every opportunity is scary but I figure that “no pain [challenge, scariness, etc] means no gain” and I want to change. I need to change!



Another great experience I had with the Lord came when scripture spoke to me. I was [journaling] about suffering and trials we face and the Lord led me to something by June Hunt, Hope for the Heart radio. She had written that during trials God is like a refiner who allows us to suffer in “the furnace of affliction”. * Although we hate the suffering, we are being purified to become more like Jesus. [Our ] character is built through/during every trial. God is in every situation. 


The future is promising. What we do now is important…build now, not later. Later may not come.


Life builds character.

Character builds Hope.

Hope builds faith.

Faith will never disappoint. 


Bloom where you are planted!


*Malachi 3:3 For [God] will be like a refiner’s fire, like fullers’ lye. He will sit refining and purifying silver, and he will purify the Levites, Refining them like gold or silver, that they may bring offerings to the LORD in righteousness.


*I have a friend named Betty who is a resident at Bishop Drum Retirement Home in Johnston, IA. Betty is a beautiful woman who struggles daily with the ravages of MS (multiple sclerosis) and is bodily confined to her wheelchair. I say bodily, because her mind and spirit are certainly not confined! Recently Betty shared some beautiful insights on what it means to find the gift of God in the midst of life not turning out like she expected, experiencing God’s gifts even when having to leave her home and treasures and enter a nursing home. Noticing God’s presence and the gift even while having to be totally dependent on others. Realizing how the gift of God transforms suffering.


Betty has generously allowed me to share some of  her realizations  and ponderings  with you through this Blog. I am offering it here in two installments. Thank you Betty for the gift of you.



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