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Spiritual Direction


The primary focus of spiritual Direction is on deepening your relationship with God and growing in an awareness of God's living presence in the ordinary events of your life. This leads to an even deeper and more realistic understanding of who you are in relationship to God, yourself and others.


Your spiritual director listens, asks questions and offers suggestions to help you grow in prayer and relationship.  This conversation allows you to discover your own inner voice and wisdom from God deep within.


Spiritual direction gives you an opportunity to share your story and faith journey. Regularly scheduled visits allow for ongoing attentiveness to you personal experience, thus uncovering the ways by which God speaks to you and invites you to a deepening union.

Reflection Questions


  • How would you like to deepen your relationship with God?

  • Are you discovering new ways to experience God in the midst of your daily life?

  • Where do you find God present in your life?

  • What forms of prayer are most meaningful to you?

  • What is your purpose in life?

  • Do you have someone to companion with you on your spiritual journey?

  • What role does spiritual discernment have in the decisions that you make about your life?


Spiritual Direction may be for you if...


  • You are an average person who is serious about growing in your spiritual life.

  • You desire to deepen your relationship with God.

  • You wish to have an opportunity to talk about your life journey and how God fits into this journey.

  • You are interested in exploring spirituality and different ways of praying.

  • You desire to become more aware of God's presence.

  • You are striving to become a person who lives for others and you wish to have your life centered in God.

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Spiritual Direction Payment

​If you would like to conveniently pay for your spiritual direction appointment online, please click the "Buy Now" link below.

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