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Prayer Journey Testimonials
Ignatian Retreat In Everyday Life Testimonials 

Praying Advent was the best Christmas gift I gave myself. I journeyed with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem in a way that I have never experienced before. Doing the Lectio Divina daily, with the facilitator's invitation of “you don’t have to do it perfectly, just do it”, gave me freedom to trust God's guidance and made the experience so rich for me. The group of women that I was a part of added another experience of listening to the Spirit during Advent! What each of us received weekly was unique to each of the paths we are on! How great Gift of Incarnation is!  I already plan to sign up for Praying Lent 2018! ~Kathleen Schlitz

My experience with the group at the Emmaus House working through the Ignatian Exercises was life-changing. I don't say that about many things. I loved the rhythms of daily prayer that began to be built into my personal life. And to be on this journey with others who were So willing to share their experiences with Jesus and scripture was priceless. I began to see and experience familiar scriptures differently as I sat alone with them and the Lord, as well as gaining so much spiritual treasure as I listened to others express their experiences with God and his word in the midst of everyday life. ~Laurie Jensen

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