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the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life 

Group format includes:

  • daily personal prayer & reflection

  • weekly group meetings   (Tuesday mornings or evenings)

  • twice-monthly meetings with a spiritual director

(Please Note: The Spiritual Exercises can also be made one-on-one, meeting weekly with a spiritual director. If you are interested in this format, please let us know)

Through various meditations, contemplations, and prayer practices compiled by St. Ignatius of Loyola, this 32-week transformative journey draws us into a profound encounter with Christ, leading us into a deeper relationship with God and more generous service of God and others.

If you are interested in making the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life, Please contact Kevin O'Donnell at 515-282-4839 or kevin@theemmaushouse.org as soon as possible..

"the God I knew from home" [cancelled]

Date:  Saturday, September 14th

Schedule:  9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Presenter: Fr. Dan Krettek

Location: Emmaus House

Cost: $30 

Faith of our fathers living still...  These are not just the words of a venerable old hymn. They are a living reality within each of us, as the religion we caught from our fathers - and mothers - early in life underlies, and sometimes undermines, the religion we were taught later in life. this morning of reflection and prayer will look at the relationship between the God we knew from home and the God we learn about in church.

this event has been cancelled

Emmaus On The Road!

Familiar with the story of  Emmaus? Emmaus House Spirituality Center received its name from Luke's story of the disciples' encounter  with Jesus on the Road to Emmaus in the Gospel of Luke, (24:13-35). It was on this road, as they traveled to the town of Emmaus after Jesus' death, that  these travelers listened to "Jesus unaware," and noticed that  their "hearts burned within them" at this seemingly ordinary encounter with this seemingly ordinary man.


Emmaus House Spirituality Center has tweaked this a bit with even more opportunities as we now offer Ignatian spirituality "On The Road!"  Check back to this page to discover more Emmaus On the Road opportunities! Please contact us at Director@TheEmmausHouse.org or 515-282-4839 if you would like to bring Emmaus On the Road to your location! 

Prayer Journey Testimonials

Praying Advent was the best Christmas gift I gave myself. I journeyed with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem in a way that I have never experienced before. Doing the Lectio Divina daily, with the facilitator's invitation of “you don’t have to do it perfectly, just do it”, gave me freedom to trust God's guidance and made the experience so rich for me. The group of women that I was a part of added another experience of listening to the Spirit during Advent! What each of us received weekly was unique to each of the paths we are on! How great Gift of Incarnation is!  I already plan to sign up for Praying Lent 2018! ~Kathleen Schlitz

Ignatian Retreat In Everyday Life Testimonials 

My experience with the group at the Emmaus House working through the Ignatian Exercises was life-changing. I don't say that about many things. I loved the rhythms of daily prayer that began to be built into my personal life. And to be on this journey with others who were So willing to share their experiences with Jesus and scripture was priceless. I began to see and experience familiar scriptures differently as I sat alone with them and the Lord, as well as gaining so much spiritual treasure as I listened to others express their experiences with God and his word in the midst of everyday life. ~Laurie Jensen

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